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Just download the extension and every time you search on Google, it runs the results in a box just below every website. Brilliant!Well, that's a good start. Next time I will post a list of Blog/RSS directories you cant submit your blog to for inclusion. Good luck!Think like a customer, market accordingly. That applies as much online as it does offline. Reverse marketing online can be very challenging. How do you get your information and products out to as many people as possible?Well, consider yourself a consumer, and the outlets you have contact with everyday on the internet. Websites you know of, news sites, sports sites, RSS feeds, blogs, articles and commerce. Now, in marketing terms, we need to find avenies to get our information through each of these channels. I cam updating my Free Internet Marketing Tools list. I provide one earlier on in this blog, and it was a useful list.

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You don't want to charge too much but you don't want to be known as the cheapest in town either.

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When you get there, make sure the articles are easy to find.

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Start an affiliate program and share your profits.

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When you notice that not many people are checking out your website, maybe it is due to its lack in appeal or professionalism.