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A call to action is a strong invitation to have a prospect interact with your business. A call to action can be pretty vague to very specific – such as getting a quote, obtaining a free report, signing up to a newsletter, purchasing a product or service. Most marketers are confident about their ability to make clear calls to action, but not many small business Websites do a good enough job of them. To correct this, think about how you plan to generate or educate leads. Publish that content and allow a email marketing app, such as Infusionsoft , collect leads and follow up and deliver on the calls to action. Depending on your success, you may want to consult with a small business strategy consultant to give you fresh ideas to help you and your business grow.

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A local valet company needed some stickers cut out to be applied to street signs for outdoor use, so we quickly turned around this batch for them.

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Utilize a personal tone in e mail marketing projects.

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Graphic design can be seen on t shirts, as the background to news stories, in newspapers and on the covers of books and magazines, and in digital or physical museum displays.